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Fractions - Online Practice

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Fractions - Exercises

Here you can practice online exercises for fraction calculation. The extensive collection of exercises includes fraction calculation problems for the classes 5, 6 and 7.

The topics are:

Fractions - Online Practice

All exercises can be done online.

Aufgabe zum Bruchrechnen - Tipp If you get stuck, you can use the light bulb icon to get a hint for the solution.

Aufgabe zum Bruchrechnen - Musterlösung If the tip for solving the exercise does not help, you can use this icon to display a detailed sample solution.

bruchrechnen-kapiert.de However, before you start with a new type of problem, I recommend that you first have a look at the corresponding page of this exercise on Fractions - DECODED!

Aufgabe zum Bruchrechnen - nächste Übung This icon leads to the next exercise.

Levels of Difficulty for the Fraction Exercises

You can choose between three difficulties. Click to change the difficulty of the exercises.

Fractions Practice - Difficulty Easy Start with this difficulty and practice with simple numbers. If you know how to do that, go to the next level of difficulty.

Fractions Practice - Difficulty Advanced If you can solve the exercises with difficulty "Advanced" safely, then you are well prepared for the next class test!

Fractions Practice - Difficulty Expert If you enjoy solving fractions calculation online, then choose the difficulty "Expert". You should understand the rules and not be afraid of large numbers.

Calculating with Fractions

Before you start calculating with fractions, i. e. multiplying, dividing, adding or subtracting fractions, I recommend that you first deal with the basic tasks - especially in the chapter "Simplifying/Reducing, Expanding, Common Denominator".

The benefits are as follows:

The ideal Preparation for the Class Test

Of course, you get points for the right solution in the class test - many points are rewarded with a good grade. You can achieve this if you

Many practices with step-by-step explanations on this page should help you to achieve your goals for the next class test.

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